We recently completed a re-branding of our company.  This was a great process which sets us up well for the future.  Go and check it out! http://mackaysposito.com/index.php/free-popcorn/blog-entry-1  


Take Care of Yourself

Forgive me if this seems a bit off topic.  However, this article from PSMJ resonated for me and I thought I’d pass it on. In today’s economy, we are all pushed to do more. Downsizing and the reluctance of firms [...]

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Axium 411 – Proposal Planning

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Mel Lester wrote a fantastic article for Axium 411 about proposal strategy. This is something we’ve focused heavily on in our firm for the last several years. We’ve become much more savy … and the result has been a significant [...]

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Get Those Invoices Out!

I recently posted a guest post at Axium’s 411 Blog about improving invoices in A&E firms. You can read the entire article by following the link shown below. I recently discussed our aggressive invoicing process with a sub-consultant friend, Bob. [...]

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Who’s Responsible?

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>> Improve project management practices by increasing personal responsibility At MacKay & Sposito, Inc. (M&S) we’ve invested heavily to improve our project management capabilities over the last few years. We updated accounting systems and project management software. We developed standards [...]

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