DJC Oregon: Do you have a Plan B?

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The Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce published one of my articles last week:

“It is 30 degrees outside and the hail blowing sideways is stinging my face. My avalanche transceiver beeps to tell me something of the location of our “victim” (an old pack buried somewhere on the side of Mount Hood). This is the third time we’ve run this drill, and although I’m getting better at deciphering the flashing LED and beeps on this yellow box, I’m out of breath, cold and a bit frustrated. For my birthday my wife bought me a gift from the heart: a three-day avalanche safety course on Mount Hood. For me, it doesn’t get any better. I secretly dream of a second career as a mountain guide – never mind that the market for middle-aged, out-of-shape mountain guides is as tight as the current market for design professionals. Luckily, MacKay & Sposito keeps me plenty busy climbing mountains of a different sort.

After spending a weekend planning and practicing for worst-case avalanche scenarios, it strikes me as interesting that at the office I have a half-completed strategic plan sitting on my desk, waiting for my comments.” …


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