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Post image for Protect Your Reputation, Its all you’ve got!

My wife Jennifer and I recently started building a new house.  So far, this has been a horrible experience. In large part, I attribute our stress to our struggle to connect with a reputable builder. By that, I don’t mean [...]

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Post image for You Should Be the Dealmaker

Communication and facilitation skills help firms develop the ability to influence. A large multinational firm recently hired our company as a subconsultant in a significant infrastructure design project. Ours is a small role, and they invited us primarily because of [...]

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Post image for Where’s your “Fire-in-the-belly?”

Enthusiasm is key. Discover what refuels your firm’s leadership to sustain high-performance. In late June, Mark Zweig wrote an article about his favorite bike shop (Bill Eddy’s Motorsports). Apparently Bill Eddy (I’ve never met him) has a particular passion for motorcycles [...]

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Post image for Embracing change— in three easy steps

Create a solid foundation, develop a plan of action and champion your direction. A new employee recently asked me how we’ve succeeded in the recession when other firms have struggled or failed. As I shared our story with him, I [...]


Post image for Should you use free online tools to monitor your competition?

>>Learn how the web, search, and social media can provide you with critical information about your competition, clients, and firm. Have you ever worked long hours on a significant proposal effort, sweated over lost billable time, and then watched as [...]